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To find out what's playing today you will need to click on the days of the week & this will bring up the schedule for that day. If there is a DJ on then you will see what show he/she is doing.

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Speical Day Dates On Time 2 Dance Radio

All the dates you see below will be a day of the artists songs.

Bob Marley's Birthday: 6th of February

Whitney Houston's Anniversary: 11th of February

Bob Marley's Anniversary: 11th of May

Michael Jackson's Anniversary: 25th of June

Whitney Houston's Birthday: 9th of August

Michael Jackson's Birthday: 28th Of August

More dates

Xmas playlist: Starting On The 1st Of December

Xmas Eve Party: Playing Party Music From 8pm-2am.

New Years Eve Party: The Party Starts From 6pm-6am. Ad free from 8pm-2am

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Prices start from £3.75 a week.