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Advertsing with us is so easy all you need to do is pick your package. Once we get your banner then within 48-72hrs it will be on the site. For any on air advertisement we have it produce for you and this comes within our price, then it will be added in our playlist within 24hrs. We can do other times not just what is listed below however you would need to contact us for a full price list. Also another good thing about advertising with us is our months are based on a 4 week, so if you advertise with us & it's a 5 week month you will only pay for 4 weeks so that's 1 week free. We will invoice you once we have all your details. On air spots are unlimited no set times.

We are giving a 40% discount on all yearly advertisements on your first order.

Banner & On Air Prices

How Long For Price
1 Year (Banner)
6 Months (Banner)
1 Week (Banner)
1 Year (On Air)
6 Months (On Air)
1 Week (On Air)


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Advertise here.

Prices start from £3.75 a week.