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We first went on the air waves in 2007 but we was always on & off air till 2010 when we had a very good run & stayed on air for while, then we just close down due to lack of funds. This time round we are fully licensed so we will stay on air unless our stream goes down but we hope it don't. We will be looking for support from our listeners to help keep us alive plus getting advertisements will help in a very big way.

Time 2 Dance Radio has grown over the years & we would like to keep growing.

Chris who is the owner of this station has been a moblie DJ since he was 16yrs of age (year 1994) & done that for just over 16yrs, then had a break for a year to then start up a online radio station what didn't take off due to the funding. He has now worked on bring this station back since 2011 so he has put in a lot of hard work to sort out the music for all the playlist & to make sure that the music that is played is good for everyone to enjoy.

The radio station is a dance station however because chris doesn't want to just have listeners who love the dance music, he come up with the sunday take over to give dance music a rest for a day, so the sunday take over is all about chart music. First thing on sunday morning is all about the music from the 40's - 80's, so as you can see instead of having listeners from 16-25yrs we aim for the older listeners from 25+ to enjoy the station too. Then from midday the music will change to 90's-present & this has the age rating from 16-25+yrs so again it's for everyone of all ages, then we move to the night shows however not all 16yr olds will like but if they have grown up with the music then they may still enjoy it. The night time music on a sunday will have rock, reggae, motown ect ect so again chris is keeping away from dance music & keeping to the old type of music still.

We are always happy to have listeners record jingles for us & if we think they are good enough then they would be put in to be played on air, so don't be shy have a go :-). You can also send in a song requist that you love to hear & again you can do a recording of yourself to say what the song is called & why you love it (don't forget to say how much you like the station :).) ect ect & this will be added to the playlists.

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Advertise here.

Prices start from £3.75 a week.